About Me

View More: http://fophotography.pass.us/rickyI’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
~ Maya Angelou ~


My name is Ricky Issler and I live in Beaumont with my husband and two wonderful children.  Having previously worked as a Pharmacy Technician for 20 years, I knew it was time for a change.  I followed my heart and found my calling in doula work and have never looked back since.  I have been attending births as a Birth Doula in Edmonton and surrounding areas since 2010.  I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula, Hypno-Doula, Matrona Certified Holistic Doula, and a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor.
I was blessed with two very positive birth experiences with a doula and I know firsthand how important their presence can be.  I am passionate about birth and about helping women to have a positive birth experience, however they envision that to be.  As a doula, I am honored and privileged to be a part of a woman’s birth experience.  I love to see a mother empowered and able to trust her inner wisdom and draw upon her inner strength.  To witness a child’s birth is something that I deeply cherish and am grateful to experience each and every time.
I am also a Reiki Master and I believe that the healing energy of Reiki has great benefit for both baby and mother, prenatally and during the birth.  See more about Reiki in my services.
I am continually learning and have attended various workshops and trainings over the years to benefit my clients including, but not limited to, Rebozo training, Spinning Babies, and Holistic Doula training with The Matrona.  My involvement with our local doula association (DAE) as an executive member keeps me active in the doula community as well.