Hypnobabies Testimonials


What couples (or moms) are saying after taking my classes:

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“This class is all you need for a prenatal class.  It is very positive, encouraging, empowering, and gives you all the tools you need for a comfortable and natural birth.”


“Ricky offered a very safe, comfortable environment to learn.  Small class size and genuine interest in her student’s success and progress made for a great experience.  It’s definitely an inspiring and empowering program!”


“I feel empowered about my upcoming birthing time, and I was extremely fearful to start.  The scripts helped me so much and I am ready!  I can do this!”


“Ricky is a very knowledgeable and positive instructor.  I really looked forward to the class each week and feel comfortable and prepared for my birthing day.”


“It really prepared us and made me feel confident for the big day.  I look forward to the day and to be able to put what I’ve learned to use. ”


“Hypnobabies is much more than a class teaching hypnosis.  It informs upcoming parents of the processes leading up to and including the birthing period and rights in the hospital or with a midwife.  It really prepares you for a wonderful birthing time.”


“I’ve found the waves to be very pressure like and not frightening or painful as I had once envisioned.  Hypnobabies has definitely reprogrammed my mind and I’m feeling so confident and positive about my birthing time, yay!!! I’m so happy and empowered” 😀


“Hypnobabies brought my husband and I closer during my pregnancy.  It gave us knowledge and allowed us to feel empowered about our decisions for our birthing time.  The class was very informative and helped ease our worries and concerns about the process.  Ricky is a great teacher!  The class was well worth every penny spent.”


“Hypnobabies helped myself and my partner feel prepared and excited for our birthing time!”


“This class was far more beneficial (mentally, emotionally and physically) than the hospital prenatal class!” – (This from a 2nd time mom who took the hospital classes with her first baby.  This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard comments like this).


“Extremely educational.  I feel prepared, relaxed and calm with childbirth and post pregnancy.”


“I found you to be easy to listen to and learn from.  I loved the laid back environment.”


“Hypnobabies class provided us with clear, concise, balanced information covering everything you expect in a prenatal program coupled with an effective pain management technique.”


“A great class that helps you prepare for childbirth like no other class will.  Would recommend for everyone.”


“Very comfortable and calm place for VERY valuable knowledge and learning.”


“It’s a great class.  Instills a lot of confidence in the birth mom and partner.  Makes birthing look easy and natural over what we see and hear in everyday life”


“Teaching was well informed and presented in an easy to understand way.”


“I feel totally prepared and confident in my ability to birth peacefully and safely thanks to the information taught to us by Ricky.  Thank-you!”


“I could tell Ricky really enjoyed teaching the class!  Her knowledge helped us feel empowered and prepared for our birth.  She was very calm and positive which helped set the stage for deep relaxation.”


“The class was very informative and has made me feel excited about my birthing time”


“Class made me feel very confident for my birthing time.”


“I came into the class with anxiety about the birth process.  I am now excited and looking forward to using my Hypnobabies tools.”


“I’ve gone from having fear and anxiety about childbirth to excitement and calm feelings.”


“Ricky was very calm and pleasant.  Also very supportive and intuitive to the class mood.”


“Hypnobabies has helped both myself and my birth partner feel calm and confident going into our birthing time!”


“We have found all of the information and support we were given in our Hypnobabies class has educated and empowered us to a point where we are both so excited for the birth of our little one!  This class has been invaluable for both of us!”


“Before, I was nervous about our birthing time and now I feel really prepared and excited.”


“The Hypnobabies class helped me feel confident and empowered about birthing my baby.  It took away my fears and doubts completely.”


“Hypnobabies has made me feel more prepared and relaxed about birthing my baby.  I’m looking forward to the positive experience.”


What couples are saying about their birth experiences:


“Thanks Ricky, the midwives could not believe how calm I was and that I could joke around while being 8 cm dilated.  It was a very long birth and probably would have gone to the hospital if it wasn’t for the classes!”

~ Julie ~


“We wanted to express how wonderful and beneficial we found the Hypnobabies class to be.  I had my water break at 10:30 am and the first birthing wave happened around 1:30. I was able to remain comfortably at home until I was checked by my midwife at 9:30 pm to discover I was 8 cm. We then headed to Lucina Birth Centre where I had a water birth and she was born at 2:00 am. We chose to do the delayed cord clamping with took 15 mins.

The techniques that I learned I put into practice and was able to have a natural birth with no fear or complications. Family and friends were amazed at how easily everything progressed and how well I handled everything from start to end without any unnecessary medical interventions.  Chris and I both speak very highly of the Hypnobabies class and we are recommending it to everyone.  Thank you Ricky for being patient and very knowledgeable.  You were a great instructor.”

~ Chris & Elisa ~


“The most intense part certainly seemed like only 10-15 minutes.  The birthing time went very quickly for me.”

“Thank you for being there. We cannot thank you enough! I am so very happy how things turned out; there are no words to describe how good it felt for things to work out so great. There are so many people who I have shared the Hypnobabies info with. There is no way I would have been so involved in my own pregnancy and researching if it wasn’t for you, Hypnobabies, and the very supportive doctors at Ellerslie Maternity Care Clinic.”

“After Ella’s birth, I couldn’t believe all of my wishes were fulfilled.  Ella came naturally and I was able to avoid an epidural.  Our doula, Ricky, and her awesome Hypnobabies prenatal classes gave me the confidence and support that I needed to have the ‘perfect’ birth.  I continued to use the Hypnobabies relaxation tracks especially during the first two days of breast feeding because I experienced shaking, cold, and pressure waves.  Thank goodness for Hypnobabies!  I am a huge advocate of the program and so thankful we had the opportunity to be able to take the classes.”

~ Nicole & Chris Sailes ~


“This course was INVALUABLE in giving us the tools we needed to understand our birthing time and to prepare for the big day the best we could.  In my opinion a course like this was critical in feeling confident moving through this process of pregnancy and birth and had the added element of hypnosis which was a tremendous tool in coping with pressure waves (contractions) and finding the confidence in myself to make my way through an intervention free birth.

Ricky supported us during the birth, providing my husband tools to use with me and also did hands on techniques from our Hypnobabies course and supported us using energy work, positioning and breath work.  The Hypnobabies course along with Ricky’s  support was invaluable and I can’t recommend it enough.  She had a fun approach to the course, left it open for discussion, answered all our questions and we left feeling empowered.

I 100% recommend Ricky as a doula and as a Hypnobabies course administrator and would highly recommend that as a new mother especially you seek out support and information from a doula to help prepare you for your birth.”

~ Shauna & Troy McMartin ~


“Boston was born at Lucina Birth Centre, medication free and we did utilize our Hypnobabies techniques for the birth.
I found the Birth Day Affirmations the most useful for my early/mid birthing time… I listened to this with headphones, focusing on the positive affirmations which helped me feel calm and comforted.  During transformation I really focused on the anesthesia component of the training… My anesthesia was orange although I didn’t focus so much on the color to block the intense pressure of the birth but as a visual reminder that my body was completely relaxed and open – and that was incredibly effective for me.  I found that keeping my light switch off during pressure waves really helped to keep me completely relaxed and not tensed up which helped my labor progress very quickly and made his actual passage very quick.  He was born after only 2 hours and 18 minutes of labor and was birthed after one spontaneous push… I gave birth standing up! The information I received in your Hypnobabies class greatly impacted my frame of mind going into my birthing time and gave me a sense of happy anticipation, instead of the uncertainty and trepidation I felt with my first pregnancy. I look back on my birthing experience with Boston with an immense fondness. I don’t know many women who would say they’d love to give birth all over again – but I truly would because my midwife combined with the skills I learned in your Hypnobabies class helped me connect with how naturally beautiful a medication free child birth can be.”

~Misti McFarlane~  

(Click here to see more photos of this beautiful birth)


“Stella was born at home on August 3rd after 42 hours of labour!!!  I had my sister with me and her 3 year old son an Dave and we all worked hard all weekend long to meet Stella :). Dave was the PERFECT birth partner and I know it was all because of Hypnobabies.  The first hours of pressure waves I spent alone with my CDs, I loved the quiet time to process everything that was going to come.  Dave was on the ball with scripts for the first day. After that he abbreviated everything down to key words to help me through the waves.

Where Hypnobabies helped the most was when my midwife told me I absolutely had to sleep and at this point I’d been up for three nights in a row.  There I was desperate for sleep and in so much discomfort I thought there was no way I could sleep but there was no way I’d make it if I didn’t.  It was my moment of truth with Hypnobabies. I was armed with everything I needed I get through this and I just had to use it.  So I went to sleep finally the morning of the 3rd and fell right to sleep only to be woken up by an intense surge.  So I willed all the anesthesia I could with the finger drop and I fell asleep again before it was over and then I would awaken again for the next surge.  I spent two hours in a weird tug of war in a dazed dreamland… But I slept!!!  I don’t know how I did it!!

The finger drop worked through transition too.  I had some pressure waves that felt beyond me to control and some that were nothing if I put my mind to it.  Stella was born on a Sunday evening in the pool and I am so proud of myself for doing it all drug free and without fear!  Dave and I are in love with her and each other more than we ever thought possible.  Thank you Ricky for being a part of our pregnancy and birth experience!  You are a gem and I was meant to meet you!”

~Sarah Larson~


“Hi Ricky.  We had a baby boy on November 1, after a very fast 3.5 hr labour. All went well; natural water birth just like I had wanted. Arlo was born ‘en-caul’ completely within the amniotic sac, which we thought was pretty special. He’s just so sweet! ”

All the best,

~Lindsey, Nevin and Arlo~


“Hi Ricky! We won’t be making it to class tomorrow since little baby Sage came this afternoon 5 lbs 12 oz after only 13 hours from water breaking last night. About 8 hours in the hospital… Hypnobabies helped a tonne and everyone was so impressed at the short labour for a first timer. I almost lost it once but Alex put on the easy first stage labour track right before transformation and even my mom understood what we were doing after that. She was telling my mother in law all about it this afternoon! thank you so much!!!”

~Jamie Metzinger~


“Our baby boy is here! Healthy and happy! His name is Curtis Javier Langevin he arrived June 12th at 2:31 am weighing 7 lb 12 oz perfect in every way! We had a home water birth and it was great!! Hypnobabies really helped us stay focused and birth within 4 1/2 hours from start to finish. Pressure waves started at around 11 pm and he was here at 2:31 am very calm but alert and he was able to latch on within minutes of birth! I am so thankful I was able to experience his birth drug free and be so aware of his every need while birthing.”

Thank you Ricky for all the help! 🙂

~Camila, Curtis and baby Javi 🙂 Figueroa~


“I decided to register for Hypnobabies as like many first time moms, I had fear and trepidation regarding labour.  While the Hypnobabies program was a time commitment, it was a great source of information on everything from nutrition during pregnancy, to what to expect during your birthing time, through to postpartum care for mom and baby.  Also, the Daily Positive Affirmations helped to calm my fears and the Hypno-Anesthesia techniques gave me the tools to stay calm and centered and manage discomfort during my birthing time .  Unfortunately, there were some complications towards the end of my pregnancy and the doctors recommended a c section.  My husband and I used the knowledge and tools we’d learned in Hypnobabies to look into alternatives and also assess the benefits and risks. In the end, we decided a c section was best for baby.  It wasn’t an easy decision as we had spent so much time preparing for and envisioning a natural, vaginal birth.  However, The Change of Plans and C Section Surgery/Recovery scripts really helped me process the rapid change of plans and I remember repeating them to myself during the surgery.   Even though I didn’t get to use my Hypnobabies tools to the full extent, I definitely don’t regret taking the course.  It was still very helpful to me during the delivery of my daughter and I also feel the techniques will be useful in any future challenges life brings.”

~Erin & Mat~


“A huge thanks goes out to Ricky Issler and her Hypnobabies course. It helped keep me so relaxed and it was amazing how the power of hypnosis changed the sensations of birth. I think because it worked so well that’s part of the reason why I didn’t think I was as far along in my birthing time as I was haha. I highly recommend this birthing tool and will be recommending it to my friends and family. I will totally use this again if we decide to have another baby. The thought of having another baby naturally is actually an exciting thought and an experience I would want again.”

~Melissa & Kevin~


“Using Hypnobabies certainly helped keep me relaxed throughout the whole experience… the pregnancy all the way through to postpartum. My biggest take away from the course was that birth is mostly mental and once I decided that birth did not need to be painful, I could just focus on the experience itself and enjoy as much of it as possible. So many people prior to the birth would tell me how painful it was but because I was using my (Hypnobabies) “Bubble of Peace”, it didn’t matter. That was their experience, it didn’t have to be mine. Luckily, the whole team I was working with was incredibly positive and supportive. Overall, if I had to rate it, I’d give the Hypnobabies experience a 10 out of 10… everyone should have an experience as positive as mine. I am empowered and confident with how Hailey came into the world and that just perfectly translates to how I see myself as a parent.”

~Rachel & Paul~


We wanted to share our happy news with you all – little Olive Calverley was born yesterday at 8:20 am. She was 7lbs 7oz. We had a home water birth and it all went really well.

We wanted to say thanks to you, Ricky – we learned a lot in the class and I used the techniques right from the start of our birthing time. Throughout, I used the bubble of peace, the relax and release cues and the long peace exhaling. We kept the Easy First Stage track on a loop (because I liked that one the best) until we switched to the pushing track. True to the testimonials in our book, my midwife and doula were both really impressed with how I handled the pressure waves and were shocked when I was checked for the first time and was already 8cm. The second midwife didn’t make it in time! I can truly say that it made all the difference in my ability to have the birth experience that I had dreamed. I can’t believe that it’s over and that it all went so well.

~Katie Calverley~

I wanted to thank you, Ricky, for your professionalism and knowledge. Your desire to help expecting mothers and partners shines through in the work you do. I saw first hand the difference Hypnobabies techniques and strategies made in Katie’s mental and physical wellbeing during her birthing time. I couldn’t be happier!

~John Calverley~


C and I are happy to share that our daughter.  She FINALLY decided to join the world on Sunday May 26 at 42+1 day. She was 7lbs 8oz, 20 inches long. We avoided medical induction but on the 23rd did a membrane sweep & castor oil dose which got things going. Hypnobabies definitely works- so well that we went through our birthing time and transformation at home and when we went to the Alex for our non-stress test on Sunday morning – found that I was fully dilated! Even our midwife was a little surprised. 

Ricky, thank you so much for sharing the Hypnobabies method with us. The information and skills we learned are truly invaluable and we are so grateful!

~C & D~


D and I are happy to announce the birth of our son, born April 30 @1235 PM in the tub at Lucina center. I had a glorious quick labour. We were only at the birth center for an hour before I started pushing and I had him out in another 30 mins. No tearing. I used the hypno tracks from the beginning and felt calm and in control the whole time.

~T & D~