Birth Partners & Hypnobabies

Birth Partners are encouraged to become emotionally invested and involved in the Hypnobabies program. 

They are an active participant in class and will also be guiding the mother into deep hypnosis by reading her hypnosis scripts (if able and available) in between classes.  The connection between you and your partner is enhanced as you prepare for your baby’s birth together.

Your partner will also be an invaluable part of the birth process, helping you to focus and concentrate on your birth hypnosis tools, while offering emotional and physical support.  Your partner will even have the opportunity to listen to their own hypnosis audio track and become confident about their role in supporting you through pregnancy and childbirth.

Single expectant mothers, or moms whose partner is unable to attend classes with her can also enjoy the program by using audio tracks that are specifically designed for them.  Hypnobabies can easily be learned, practiced and used alone or with a Birth Partner or Hypno-Doula.

A Certified Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula can make a wonderful addition to your birthing team and is familiar with all of the specific hypnosis cues and techniques to be able to support you completely during your birthing time.  Please see the Hypno-Doula page for more information.

Attentive birth partner reading Hypnbabies birth prompts to birthing mother
Attentive birth partner providing back massage to birthing mother