Christine’s Lovely Lucina Birth Story

Friday, January 22 at 4:52am, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Nora. Weighing in at 7lbs 3 oz, 54cm (21.25″) long after a lovely Hynpobabies birth at Lucina Birth Centre.


We started timing just after dinner at 10ish min apart, then bouncing on my ball through the hockey game and hosting a couple friends I was distracted enough that the waves got down to 5-1-1 by 9:30 so we knew something was going to happen overnight. Called the midwife, but she wasn’t convinced while talking to me.


An hour later we were under 4 min apart and hubby was getting antsy lol.
Met our midwife at a busy Lucina. One room was already in use, and two other women were on alert that they might come in. Clearly beat them to it! I didn’t want to know how far I was dilated but she let hubby know, and our photographer came. (I found out later I was already 7cm! Woo hypnosis!!)


By 3am I was fully dilated but no water broken so I gave the okay and started pushing about 4:20am. Longest half hour ever. But so worth it! We were home and in our own beds just after 8am.


Thank you so much Ricky for everything in the course. I listened to my tracks faithfully and they were a great source of relaxation and focus during her birth (and after too – I ended up buying the new mom relaxation hypnosis – – I don’t think I’ve managed to hear it all the way through yet! Haha)


~Christine & Joel~


*Editors note: Most birth professionals and midwives who aren’t used to mothers using Hypnosis sometimes don’t think that she is as far along as she is due to the fact that she is often very calm and relaxed, and can even talk through birthing waves if she chose to.  The typical outward signs of a progressing “labour” aren’t always there.  This is likely why her midwife “wasn’t convinced”.

And here is a link to more pictures and her photographer’s take on the birth.  Photos were taken by the lovely Jasmin at “Photography by Jasmin”: