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Cyan's Beautiful Home Birth

Jillian & Kent took my Hypnobabies class in the Spring of 2014.  Here is her wonderful birth story…

The 21st was our “guess date”, and that evening I was at my daughter’s softball game. I figured I should probably pitch and play catch with the kidlets pre game  so maybe that helped move things along. Right after the game I had a good “birth wave” and then a few more that evening before bed. I didn’t think too much of it. But at 12:30 am I woke up to fairly consistent waves every 15-20 minutes. I threw on my “Birthing Day Affirmations” CD and tried to just listen and go back to sleep, but I needed to move around, so I started setting up the basement, moving furniture and getting food prepared for the birth lol.

At 3:30 am I woke up Kent and in his delirious, sleepy state, we got the pool blown up and filled and set things up nicely. Kent busied himself for the next little bit while I relaxed in the pool and just breathed through “birthing waves”, which at that point were still not feeling too intense.

At 5:30 am my birthing waves were 5-6 minutes apart so we called our Midwife Marie to head over. She got here at around 6:45 am and we did a quick check to see where I was at (the day before I had seen her at the clinic and my cervix was maybe half a cm dilated, but we wanted to do a check just to see where I was at if I were to not have baby within the next week or two). At that point I was about 7 cm dilated. My amniotic sac was still intact and I was able to “turn off” and get into the zone to breathe through the birth waves.

At 8 am, my daughter was dropped off by her dad. As I heard her come down the stairs, I was overcome with so much emotion. Happy tears poured down my face and I had to pretend I was still in a birth wave so I could compose myself. She held my hands and got to spend about a half hour with me which I am SOO grateful for! She said “This isn’t what I expected mom”. I said, “Why, what did you expect?”. And she said “well you’re not screaming”. Haha! My girlfriend picked her up from us at that point.

Then at about 9:30 am the birth waves got more intense. I tried to get into the Hypo zone, but wasn’t able to utilize it as much as I had hoped at that point and I think Kent was just completely overcome with what was happening. He did some good hip squeezes though and we did the “slow dance” which I found to be really comforting and connective-always finishing a birth wave with a kiss. He was great at bringing me water too!

Around 11 am, my midwife asked if I wanted to see where I was at. At that point she checked me and I was 9 cm. I asked her to break my water as I was SO ready to meet this little one. I had about four solid birth waves in the pool that finished opening my cervix and I immediately felt the urge to push at the end of that. Three birth waves and some serious primal lion roars later and cheers from my awesome support team, beautiful Cyan was born. I was able to pull her out and straight onto my chest. She was COVERED in a THICK layer of vernix , so much so that she couldn’t open her eyes until around 4:30 pm that day, despite my efforts to wipe some of it out of her eyes. We let her soak in all the lovely vernix for the next few days until we had a bath together.

After Cyan and the placenta were birthed, I was wrapped in warm sheets out of the dryer and got to snuggle our sweet Cyan. She immediately nursed with a fantastic latch and we cuddled while Marie checked for tearing.

I had unfortunately torn in two spots, so we headed up to my room and did some stitches. I used my finger drop technique through that–and tried to breathe through it, but again had a hard time getting into the zone–however I think without it, my pain threshold would have not been as good. After I was stitched, I got to rinse off in the shower while dad cuddled his precious girl. We did weights/measurements and then Marie went on her way.

Birthing at home was such an incredible transition into our family life. We were on the deck that night enjoying every minute of love and cuddles, and big sister Kaia was OVER THE MOON! Cyan is such a little gem- eat/sleep/poop with very little fussing. Co sleeping has been wonderful and we are all doing great!

Thank you so much again for everything you had taught us. Hypnobabies really helped me stay positive and focused during my pregnancy and I know I will continue to use it in my day to day life.

~Jillian Rieckmann~