Cynthia’s Pain-Free Hypnobabies Home Water Birth

This was Cynthia’s second little Hypno-baby.  They took my class with their first baby and didn’t have a doula.  This time they felt it was important to have that support and hired me to be their doula.  Hypnobabies worked very well for Cynthia during her first birth so she knew she wanted to use it again with this one.  And though they wanted to take my class again, it didn’t work out so they diligently reviewed everything and practiced on their own, and with me, during our prenatal visits.  Both Cynthia & Mike were very dedicated to the Hypnobabies program both times and worked together to prepare for the birth.  Here is her beautiful story…

I never felt any pain — just super intense pressure and my cervix opening like a blossoming flower after every wave. Hypnobabies was time intensive but our efforts paid off, and it was so worth it to have Ricky supporting us.

Charlton Jie-Ting Brian was born at home on March 30, 2018. 9 lbs 9 oz. 57 cm. He was born at 10:35 am. I pushed for just under an hour and 15 minutes, though I could have had baby out a lot earlier. Big and tall baby at 40 weeks. Baby and I worked together. When he was born, he was so calm and barely cried much unless he was not skin to skin with either his mommy or daddy. He didn’t cry even when getting his Vitamin K shot. 


Here’s how it all went down:


Waves started during the Hypnobabies “Come Out Baby” track; I also listened to that track just before bed and woke up with pressure on my perineum, with an urge to empty my bowels. The pressure was still there, so I listened to “Come Out Baby” one last time. I had 3 waves while listening to it again at 5.40 am. Started timing the 4th one which started at 6 am. I called Ricky (my Hypno-doula) before I woke my husband up. My waves were 5 minutes apart but roughly 40 seconds long. Still was in a talkative cheerful mood. I ate an orange and found it hilarious that I was eating an orange as I prepare myself to remember my Hypno-orange anesthesia for this day.


7 AM: Ricky arrived. I was listening to “Easy First Stage” Hypnobabies track, resting on the ball.


715 am: I only had one vaginal exam done and refused any further exams — my other midwife I saw at the clinic the day before had forgotten to give me paperwork so my midwife (so great that she was using Hypnobabies language) was checking if she had time to run to the clinic/office to get the paperwork. I was 4-5 cm dilated; soft and stretchy, but baby’s head was quite high. I made frequent trips to the bathroom to empty my bladder and snacked a lot. When the track ended, I listened to “Birthing Day Affirmations”. Once that ended, I listened to “Easy First Stage” again. I used various positions – standing & leaning into hubby, supported squat with hubby, and then we tried the open-knee chest position for a few waves.


I did one Miles Circuit where I laid down on my yoga mat. I also used the birth ball lunge (provided on the Hypnobabies hand out sheet) to breathe through the more intense wave, saying “peace” and “Open, Open, Open”.


Hypno-Toddler woke up at 8:20 am and had some breakfast. After that he toddled about and played quietly for the most part. He sometimes seemed interested in what was happening and would come have a closer look, but was pretty oblivious to the miracle unfolding in his presence. My MIL was not able to take the toddler. So, we had both dog and toddler at the birth.  

My waves increased in intensity and length around the same time. I went back to a kneeling position while resting over onto the ball with an added lunge.

At 8.45 am, I asked the pool to be filled. Ricky was helping me time my waves and she called midwife at 8.56 am to let her know that things are progressing and she should come back. My husband gave me relax cues on my shoulders for deepening my hypnosis as I breathed Peeeeaaace, while Ricky helped with hip squeezes and back massages with Arnica oil.

A few minutes later I began to have an urge to push. Ricky encouraged me to breathe through it as best I could until midwife got back. She arrived at 9:20 am and already had her back-up midwife on route. Ricky put the “Pushing Baby Out” track on. They started to add the hot water from the stove and continued to do so throughout most of my pushing phase until the pool was filled and warm enough.


At 9:32 am my bag of water started to bulge out. I was asked if I wanted to touch the amniotic sac. I refused because I wanted to relax and focus. At one point, I silently said to myself “Bubble of Peace” as a negative thought of any interventions as it felt like baby was really big and I really really needed to work with my pushy waves and instinctively knew to pant at the end of each wave. I tried squatting again (supported by hubby) at 9:45 am. 15 minutes later I moved back to a kneeling position again. I was mostly breathing baby down and using my voice but my midwife encouraged me to push down more and not let any sounds out.  I laid back into a reclined position at 10:25 am as I continued to push.


My midwife talked about the possibility of me getting out of the water to push since she wasn’t seeing as much progress as she would like. My toddler started being a cheerleader at this point, “Baby, baby, baby!”

Less than 10 minutes later I birthed baby’s head in the water and his shoulders and the rest of his body was born with the next wave.


I got out of the birth pool to birth the placenta and it came out easily with a push during the next wave. The afterwaves were strong so I kept using my peace cues to stay comfortable.

Charlton is now 4.5 months and is a happy Hypnobaby.


~Cynthia & Mike Priest~