Easy, Calm Home Birth of Baby Theo

This story comes from Daniela & Rob who took my Hypnobabies class in May 2018.  Her sister had taken my class previous to that and used the techniques very successfully for her home birth so it made sense that Daniela wanted to do the same.  She also wanted Rob to learn all about childbirth and how to be the best birth partner possible.

We are so excited to share the news of our baby, Theo Robert Sirianni. Born the afternoon of June 22nd at 1:20pm, weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces and measuring 50 centimetres. Theo came into this world by home water birth received by his dad and all his family members close by. It was the most magical and amazing experience Rob and I could have ever imagined.


Theo started letting me know he was ready on June 21st at 4:00am and a soon as that happened I started using my Hypnobabies techniques. Pressure waves were mild at first so I kept my middle switch on, that enabled me to go about my day. Breathing and relaxing through each pressure wave, making sure Theo and I were feeling relaxed and confident. Rob got the pool ready and soon my sisters and mom arrived to support Rob and experience this amazing time. My family knew that rob was my birth partner and that for the most part they would be talking to him while I exercised my hypnosis techniques.

On June 22nd close to 1:00am my pressure waves intensified and  all through the night I listen to birth time begins, birthing day affirmations. The tracks kept me focused and relaxed during the longer and deeper pressure waves. At 4:00am they were 1 1/2 min apart so I called my midwife. Maureen arrived at 5:30am at that point I told her I would have my light switch off, she was very easy going and mostly stayed behind unless she needed to measure Theo's heart rate.


At this point I was fully in hypnosis and in my peace bubble. Rob was incredible supportive and so focused, reminding me of my Hypnobabies cues. Our Hypnobabies class and training was so important and useful, Rob and I were a solid team I never felt alone, scared or worried. By 12:00 we started listening to relaxation music, around that time I started to feel pushing waves. This was the only time I remember making noises and for the most part they were involuntary. I switched positions a couple times, Rob got in the water with me and together we pushed Theo out. I could feel his head soft like a balloon and it all made sense when he came out in the caul! Theo was perfect and healthy. It was love at first sight.

Hypnobabies made our experience so amazing, our midwife was in so impressed and said she would recommend it to all her patients. I will definitely use all the hypnosis techniques for my next birth.

I am healthy, the birth went so smooth there was no tearing, bleeding or complications. Theo is 10 weeks now and we are on our first family vacation. Thank you Ricky! You were an amazing teacher.


~Daniela & Rob~

Theo F.4.jpeg