Holden’s Very Fast Birth Story

Carly & Cory took my Hypnobabies class the summer of 2015.  Here is their very short and sweet birth story…

Our birth was great… four hours from my very first pressure wave to when Holden (we had a boy) was born! So very very quick. He actually came at 37 weeks +5 so a few weeks early.


I was out of town at my parents in Innisfail for Thanksgiving and my water broke at 6AM… I then called the midwife and she advised to make my way home but no need to rush as I was not having pressure waves, she thought I would need the verbena cocktail as I had the invasive strep B. Luckily 1 hour later, right before my dad and I were about to hit the road to meet Cory (he wasn’t actually with me), my pressure waves started. About half an hour later they were 4-5 minutes apart lasting 1 1/2 minutes.


I listened to my tracks and used my centre switch a lot in the car (Center switch allows a hypno-mom to be in deep hypnosis, but still able to move around, talk, drink, etc.) . So I went from 0-60 pretty quick.


I am sooooooo thankful for Hypnobabies, 2.5 hours of my 4 hour birthing time was spent in the car and there is no way I could have done it without going into centre and listening to my tracks.


Cory met me and my dad on the highway and I quickly got in with him and headed home as I thought I still had lots of time and was not packed! Holden was born on the Sunday and the Friday had just been my last day of work so I only had babies bag packed and not mine as I thought I had a few weeks left to get ready. I grabbed a few things from home and we were back on the road… it was a bit hard to get in the car at this point as the waves were pretty intense.


We got to the Birth Centre 45 minutes later and our midwife checked and thought I was about 6 centimeters. I found it hard to get back into my tracks and use my switch at this point because things accelerated quickly!


30 minutes after getting to the birth centre I told my midwife it was time to push, she looked at me like I was a little crazy as 25 minutes earlier I was only 6 centimeters, but sure enough she checked and I was fully dilated, so I got in the birthing tub and 30 minutes later there was our beautiful baby boy! 


~Carly Mizen~