Hypnobabies Birth Stories

The Stories, experiences and opinions are unedited and are those of the families/women who wrote them.  You will also find many more birth stories on the Hypnobabies website.  Just click on any of the birth story categories here:

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Ella's Beautiful Hospital Birth

The Sailes Family 2012.jpg

At just over 38 weeks, I attended my weekly doctor appointment.  The days leading up to the appointment, I had been noticing how hard my belly would go several times a day.  I was hoping that meant baby would come very soon because a week prior, the doctors recommended I be induced due to a very low amniotic fluid index level (AFI)...

Quinn’s Efficient Birth Story (Baby #2)

Sailes family 2014.jpg

A few minutes before midnight, while sleeping, I was wakened by a “gush” of fluid. I immediately got out of bed and realized that must have been my “water” breaking. It wasn’t much fluid, so fortunately there was really no mess to clean up. I waited about 20 minutes and didn’t notice any pressure waves or other changes, so I gathered a few last things for my hospital bag and went back to bed...

Alistair’s Pain-free Home Birth (with almost 8 hours of pushing!)

Alistair's pain-free home birth

I felt fine that day at 40 weeks-along. We had a lovely meeting with our midwife, Heidi. talking at length about going late and induction protocols. I was convinced that I would go right to 42 weeks! But I wanted to get this baby out so we had afternoon sex and afterwards I felt an increase in pressure but no actual contractions...

Violet’s (very entertaining) Birth Story

Violet's very entertaining birth story

While Justin was busy, mom assisted me to my dresser. I stopped for a pressure wave. It was just like any other, when all of the sudden my mooing changed to an “arrrrggghhhh” sound. My body began ejecting baby out. I WAS STILL AT HOME!! After that wave ended, I looked at my mom. Her face was serious, as was mine. She assisted my waddle to the hall, where I leaned on furniture for my next wave...

Cyan’s Beautiful Home Birth

Cyan's beautiful home birth

At 3:30 am I woke up Kent and in his delirious, sleepy state, we got the pool blown up and filled and set things up nicely. Kent busied himself for the next little bit while I relaxed in the pool and just breathed through “birthing waves”, which at that point were still not feeling too intense...

Ruby’s Birth Story – A Successful VBAC

Wild Flowers

We arrived at 9:30, and made our way to L&D. My midwife hadn’t arrived yet, so there was some squabbling with nurses in the assessment room over me not getting on the bed and demanding water My husband was such a fantastic advocate while I focused on myself. I was standing over that bed, pushing that baby down, and I really didn’t care what anyone wanted...

Holden’s Very Fast Birth Story

Holden's very fast birth story

Our birth was great… four hours from my very first pressure wave to when Holden (we had a boy) was born! So very very quick. He actually came at 37 weeks +5 so a few weeks early. I was out of town at my parents in Innisfail for Thanksgiving and my water broke at 6AM…

Victor’s Amazing “Driveway” Birth

Melissa's driveway Hypnobabies birth.png

Kevin went to put our bags in the car and while he was doing that I suddenly had an uncontrolled push wave that felt like I had to do a #2 very badly! My body just started pushing all on its own! At that point I lost my focus completely and started to panic because I sure didn’t want a baby to come at home with no midwife!...

Rachel’s Empowering Hypnobabies Hospital Transfer

Rachel's empowering hypobabies hospital transfer

As most things, and I’m sure most births for sure, things did not follow my actual birth plan to a T but, all of the information, aside from the hypnosis scripts and prompts, certainly made Paul and I feel more informed as to what our options were...

Christine’s Lovely Lucina Birth Story

Christine's lovey Lucina birth center story

We started timing just after dinner at 10ish min apart, then bouncing on my ball through the hockey game and hosting a couple friends I was distracted enough that the waves got down to 5-1-1 by 9:30 so we knew something was going to happen overnight...

Kayt’s Surprise Breech Baby

Kayt's surprise breech baby

We had a whirlwind birthing experience. I had two days of irregular pressure waves starting on Wednesday the 21st. We thought things were starting to move Wednesday night however, things slowed down again on Thursday morning. Over the two days I did a lot of knitting. On Thursday I stared leaking amniotic fluid around four o’clock. However, I wasn’t dilating quickly so we continued to wait. On Friday morning my pressure waves became more regular but still not strong or steady enough to go in the Lucina...

Kirsty’s Healing Hypnobabies Birth

Kirsty's healing hypnobabies birth

Our birth happened very quickly! My body had been gearing up for a week or 2, but everything felt very mild and nothing had changed my cervix yet! My water broke at 8:27pm last night and all of a sudden I was having intense, 60s+ pressure waves about 3 minutes apart! We called my mom to come and stay with our son Jasper and then called our midwife to let her know we were in our birthing time!...

Induced Natural Hypnobabies Birth of Baby C.

Induced natural hypobabies birth

My obstetrician advised induction at 39 weeks due to being 40 years old (which he said put me at an increased risk of placental insufficiency/still birth). I didn’t feel it was necessary at 39 weeks, but decided to do induction if I went beyond 40 weeks.  I thought it would take several days to be called in once I was on the list for induction, but was called at 40 weeks and 1 day.

Hospital Water Birth of Asher

Hospital wate birth of Asher

While moving and standing pressure waves were 3 minutes apart but while sitting they were up to 8 minutes apart. I decided to listen to easy first stage again as my midwife suggested, to see if the pressure waves would come closer together while relaxed. After 30 minutes of this I realized that they were definitely coming faster and harder...

Fast First-time Mom -

The Birth of Ivy Barrett

Hypnobabies birth of Ivy Barrett

The day after our last Hypnobabies class (36+6), my water broke in the afternoon. My pressure waves were immediately at 4-1-1 but the pressure sensations were quite mild and I was dancing around, enjoying myself...

The Birth of Yin-Tsing – No time to get to the Birth Center!

Birth of Yin-Tsing - No time to get to birth center

The birth itself went so well, and quickly, that I could not be happier.  I started feeling birthing waves at 4 am and they progressed in intensity and regularity fairly quickly. Our midwife came to our house to check me at 9:30 am and I was fully dilated. At that point we decided to transfer to the birthing center (which was our original plan) but waves were coming too quickly with no breaks to make it to the car...

Cynthia’s Pain-Free Hypnobabies Home Water Birth

Cynthia's pain-free hypnobabies home wate birth

I never felt any pain — just super intense pressure and my cervix opening like a blossoming flower after every wave. Hypnobabies was time intensive but our efforts paid off, and it was so worth it to have Ricky supporting us.

Easy, Calm Home Birth of Baby Theo

Easy, calm birth of baby Theo

Theo came into this world by home water birth received by his dad and all his family members close by. It was the most magical and amazing experience Rob and I could have ever imagined.

Summer Solstice Baby Lena Arrived Quickly

Summer solstice baby Lena arrived quickly

I woke at 3:30am on June 21st with intense cramping that wrapped around my back – I knew I was in my birthing time. I took a bath and used my yoga ball while listening to my Hypnobabies Birthing Day Affirmations – this allowed me to remain calm and know that everything was as it should be. I started timing my pressure waves at 5am and they were 3-4 mins apart. At 6:30am I called my doula Ricky to let her know I was in my birthing time but I remained comfortable and that I didn’t think I needed her just yet...

Fast Home Water Birth of Baby Sister Lilah


Suddenly I said out loud "Should I even be in the tub without the midwife here!?" Each push wave I was thinking just stay in baby I really don't want to have to catch you on my own!...

Winter was in a hurry to meet her parents!

Winter was in a hurry to meet her parents

By just 5:30am it seemed clear I was not too far from transformation. I called my midwife, and just as Ricky had warned, I managed to stop vocalizing, focus very hard on just having the 2-minute conversation, and as a result, sort of fooled her. She said I must not be in active labor because I could talk to her and breathe through birthing waves, and to call back when I was farther along. Wellll… we called back 30 minutes later  I called and just put the phone down and allowed myself to keep doing my thing to get through the birthing waves. She listened to me and told Amy we should go to the hospital right away. No fooling her this time...

Breech Belly Birth of Avery

Baby Paterson.jpg

Our intention was to have our baby at a local birthing centre, attended by midwives, without any intervention, and preferably in a birthing tub. Even though very little ended up going as we’d hoped, we had a positive experience overall and used our Hypnobabies training at many steps along the way.

Change of Plans Unmedicated Hospital Induction with Hypnobabies

Baby Charles.jpg

Throughout our stay we used the phrase "what will happen if we don't" which allowed us to be ok with all the decisions we made. They proposed cervidil and I was adamant that I wanted the foley first. I used hypnosis while they put the foley in and barely felt it at all. We were told we could leave and come back when it fell out or for a non stress test in the am...

Acupuncture Did the Trick - Baby Jacob's Quick Arrival! 

Alistair, Amanada & Jacob.jpg

...A triage nurse recognized that I needed to move fast and directed Alistair to the reception to check me in while she took me up to the L&D unit. I was taken straight into the assessment room where I would have been checked for the first time this pregnancy, the nurse took one look and said, “you’re having this baby now mama, just hold on”...

First-time Hypnobabies Hospital birth of Baby Felix


I started listening to the "Birthing Day Affirmations" while sitting on my birthing ball and started timing the birthing waves. By 9am they were 5 min apart and lasting more than 1 min so we loaded the truck. I went to the bathroom before leaving and my water broke! We left for the hospital right away and arrived there just after 10am. I listened to the "Easy First Stage" track the whole time and had pressure waves every 2-3min. The 45 min drive felt like 10 min which was great, but I really thought we were not going to make it and that I would have that baby on the side of the highway!...