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What are people saying after taking Ricky's classes?

This class is all you need for a prenatal class.  It is very positive, encouraging, empowering, and gives you all the tools you need for a comfortable and natural birth.

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What are couples saying after they have their babies?

Stella was born at home on August 3rd after 42 hours of labour!!!  I had my sister with me and her 3 year old son an Dave and we all worked hard all weekend long to meet Stella :). Dave was the PERFECT birth partner and I know it was all because of Hypnobabies.  The first hours of pressure waves I spent alone with my CDs, I loved the quiet time to process everything that was going to come.  Dave was on the ball with scripts for the first day. After that he abbreviated everything down to key words to help me through the waves.
Where Hypnobabies helped the most was when my midwife told me I absolutely had to sleep and at this point I’d been up for three nights in a row.  There I was desperate for sleep and in so much discomfort I thought there was no way I could sleep but there was no way I’d make it if I didn’t.  It was my moment of truth with Hypnobabies. I was armed with everything I needed I get through this and I just had to use it.  So I went to sleep finally the morning of the 3rd and fell right to sleep only to be woken up by an intense surge.  So I willed all the anesthesia I could with the finger drop and I fell asleep again before it was over and then I would awaken again for the next surge.  I spent two hours in a weird tug of war in a dazed dreamland… But I slept!!!  I don’t know how I did it!!
The finger drop worked through transition too.  I had some pressure waves that felt beyond me to control and some that were nothing if I put my mind to it.  Stella was born on a Sunday evening in the pool and I am so proud of myself for doing it all drug free and without fear!  Dave and I are in love with her and each other more than we ever thought possible.  Thank you Ricky for being a part of our pregnancy and birth experience!  You are a gem and I was meant to meet you!

Sarah Larson