Kirsty’s Healing Hypnobabies Birth

This story comes from a lovely couple who took my Hypnobabies class in Fall/2016.  They were so dedicated to the program!


Renfrew was born early this morning at 12:05am!! He was 6 lb 4 oz.


Our birth happened very quickly! My body had been gearing up for a week or 2, but everything felt very mild and nothing had changed my cervix yet! My water broke at 8:27pm last night and all of a sudden I was having intense, 60s+ pressure waves about 3 minutes apart! We called my mom to come and stay with our son Jasper and then called our midwife to let her know we were in our birthing time!

We arrived at Lucina Centre at about 10:20pm and Renfrew was born at 12:05am! Our midwives supported us peacefully and beautifully. I found out later that I was already 6-7cm dilated when we reached the birth centre. I listened to Deepening my Hypnosis before leaving our place, Visualizing Your Birth in the car ride (it was SO helpful!) and we listened to the relaxation music the whole time at the birth centre with Gary reading me the prompts. For me, hearing his voice and having him choose the prompt that he thought I needed was perfect.


My Hypnobabies tools helped me have exactly the birth that I wanted; I was calm, happy, relaxed and joking during and between pressure waves. Through the whole birthing time it was so helpful to visualize myself and my baby in our special safe place. Visualizing and directing my orange hypno-anaesthesia where I needed it was so powerful. The “relax”, “release” and “peace” cues were empowering for both Gary and I. The prompts and cues kept me focusing on the right things, and Hypnobabies gave Gary the knowledge of exactly what to for helping me.

I feel proud of myself. This birth was powerful and healing for me.


We’re so grateful that we chose to take the Hypnobabies course, and also practiced and prepared as well as we could.


~Kirsty & Gary~