Ruby’s Birth Story – A Successful VBAC

Julia and Francesco took my Hypnobabies classes in the Spring of 2015 when they were pregnant with their second child.  (I was not their doula). Here is their beautiful story:

At about 1:30 am I woke up uncomfortable and achy and just couldn’t get back to sleep. After a few hours I had a feeling we were having our baby that day, and started listening to my hypno tracks. At about 5:00 or 6:00 am I was having sporadic pressure waves, some strong, some light, but very manageable when I could stick to my tracks and with my husband’s help. At 8:00 I let my midwife know today was the day, and we discussed meeting at the hospital when my pressure waves were a little more intense. My doula was going to come at 10:00, which seemed great.

Well.. at 8:30 things kicked up a notch and I just had a feeling we needed to leave. We started scrambling around getting ready to go to the hospital. Sitting in the car was so uncomfortable, but I was so grateful for the tracks playing in my headphones. My headphones actually stayed on my head until I pushed my baby out.

We arrived at 9:30, and made our way to L&D. My midwife hadn’t arrived yet, so there was some squabbling with nurses in the assessment room over me not getting on the bed and demanding water My husband was such a fantastic advocate while I focused on myself. I was standing over that bed, pushing that baby down, and I really didn’t care what anyone wanted. My water broke and I eventually made it up on the bed on all fours.

I’m not going to lie – it was uncomfortable at this point. During my pressure waves at the hospital I screamed my guts out. Frank said I sounded like an angry Amazonian jungle woman. In between, I was okay, but I didn’t want to be present in the room, I didn’t want to hear what anyone had to say, I just wanted to listen to my headphones, and found sooo much comfort in it.

(Editor’s note: It’s quite normal for a birthing woman to make lots of noise as birthing progresses.  It’s more a release of power than anything.  I love her husband’s “amazonian jungle woman” analogy.)

My midwife finally arrived and we were wheeled upstairs. There was no time for the saline lock and antibiotics I was supposed to get, or EFM. I moved to my side and birthed exactly as we practiced, with my husband holding my leg. That baby popped out of me in minutes, and I didn’t even need a stitch. We arrived at 9:30 am and our daughter was born at 10:16 am. It was the most intense experience of my life by far.

I had such good intentions with my hypnobabies tools, and I feel that if things had been drawn out a bit longer I would have had a more comfortable birth. When things progressed so quickly and became so intense, I went a little more into survival mode than anything  Still, I would have gone insane without those cues and the hypno lady’s sweet voice in my ear. It definitely kept me confident and kept the fear at bay. I’m so grateful for the positive pregnancy and birth day affirmations, as well as the material we went through in class about choices. I birthed my baby my way, and it was a a very empowering experience. Ruby is wonderful and perfect, and crawled to my breast like in the videos! I’m so happy to have had a natural, unmedicated birth.

~Julia & Francesco~