Ashley Luke and Ivy Barrett Oct.

Fast First-time mom - Birth of Ivy Barrett

This birth story is short and sweet.  Ashley and Luke took my Hypnobabies class with their first pregnancy in the Fall of 2017.  Here is their beautiful story:

The day after our last Hypnobabies class (36+6), my water broke in the afternoon. My pressure waves were immediately at 4-1-1 but the pressure sensations were quite mild and I was dancing around, enjoying myself. I had went to assessment to confirm it was my water since I was pre-term (by 12 hours). When I got home, my pressure sensations began to get very intense, very quickly. I realized I hadn’t remembered to put my final download card onto my phone. I was fighting my phone and computer as the intensity ramped up.

Meanwhile, I had sent Luke on a few errands because I was feeling so good. Ladies, don’t send him away. By the time he got home, I still hadn’t resolved my computer issue and I never did get to listen to easy first stage, visualize your birth, or push baby out. Our doula met us at our home and immediately said we needed to go, as I was getting very grunty and making “push sounds”.

We left for the hospital around 8 pm and were admitted around 8:15. I was asked if I would like a cervical check, which I had previously thought I would not want, but curiosity got me and I agreed. I was 6 cm and 3-1-1 for pressure waves! I was fully dilated by 11:30, with Luke reading me Hypnobabies Birth Prompts the entire time. We could tell when I lost my focus on my hypnosis because my sounds would go from low, open, and productive to high, out of control, very primal. He would use the relax cue (several times if necessary) and just keep reading and I would remind myself that it wouldn’t just happen, I needed to focus.

Second stage was a bit difficult, as our baby was ROA (right occiput anterior) but had her head slightly tilted and her chin not fully tucked. The peace cue, combined with using the release cue between pushes to “shut down” while I had the time without sensation was very helpful. After a 4 hour second stage, our little Ivy was born at 3:36am on October 24, weighing 6lbs 11oz and measuring 19 1/4″ in length.

Third stage was without consequence, though it took a little longer than expected. Due to the length of my second stage, I agreed to the oxytocin so that my tired uterus didn’t have more work to do. Though not my original plan, I felt comfortable with it, and I was tired! We took our girl home later that morning, and things had been quite good at home.

~Ashley & Luke Barrett~

Ashley Luke and Ivy Barrett Oct.