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The Birth of Yin-Tsing – No time to get to the Birth Center!

This short but amazing birth story comes from a couple who took my Hypnobabies class with their first pregnancy in the Winter of 2017.

Our daughter Yin-Tsing was born on May 14 (Mother’s Day) at 11:21 am. The birth itself went so well, and quickly, that I could not be happier.

I started feeling birthing waves at 4 am and they progressed in intensity and regularity fairly quickly. Our midwife came to our house to check me at 9:30 am and I was fully dilated. At that point we decided to transfer to the birthing center (which was our original plan) but waves were coming too quickly with no breaks to make it to the car. Our midwife had left to meet us at the center and we had to call her back so we could birth at home. She arrived 20 min before little Yin-Tsing arrived. 

I really relied on the Hypnobabies tracks the whole time and found them so helpful to stay focused and in my body. The birth prompts from Jo and our Doula were also very helpful in the more intense moments. I’m so grateful for everything we learned through the course and any role it played in allowing us to have such a comfortable and relaxed birth experience.

~Rachelle & Joseph~