Water Birth & Pool Rental


The benefits of water in labour and birth have been recognized for centuries. Some of the best known benefits include relaxation, providing pain relief without the use of medication, speeding up the progression of labour, and helping the mother to take control of her labour and birth.  It’s been called “The Midwife’s Epidural” and can be a very effective tool to use during a woman's birthing time.  Go to Waterbirth International for more information on waterbirth.

I have a La Bassine Professional Birth Pool by Made in Water (pictured) available to my clients for an additional fee of $100.  This includes set up and take down plus all supplies needed.  Birth pools can be used at home for a home birth or before heading to the hospital, and also at the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert (with a doula) and the Royal Alex (Lois Hole) and Misericordia Hospitals in Edmonton if there is a midwife attending the birth.

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