Why Use a Doula?

 Studies have shown that in births where a doula is present there are:

  • Reduction in cesarean rates

  • Reduction in epidural requests

  • Shorter labours with fewer complications

  • Reduction in Oxytocin use

  • Reduction in analgesia use

  • Reduction in forceps delivery and vacuum extraction

  • Better mother-infant bonding

  • Babies breastfeed more easily

  • Reduced  post-partum depression


A certified doula must abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and remain within their Scope of Practice.  I do not have my own agenda and always support a birthing mother in her choices.  I will help her get the information she needs to make informed choices along the way, and make sure she is given time in the moment (if possible) to make those decisions.  I also work respectfully alongside other healthcare professionals.  We all have our jobs to do; I stick to mine while at the same time working together with the rest of your birth team.


Why would we want someone we don’t know there during this very private time?


Yes, birth is a very intimate time for a couple, but it is also a very challenging time.  Though you may not feel you want someone there with you that you don’t know very well, a couple is extremely grateful to have a constant, familiar presence there to help them through this intense experience.  Our prenatal visits and phone contact throughout your pregnancy allow us to get to know one another quite well.  In a hospital setting, you are assigned a nurse, who likely, you have never even met before. Unfortunately, nurses look after more than one patient at a time and come and go throughout your labour.  When their shift is over, or during their breaks, a new nurse takes over who is also unfamiliar with you and your plans for birth.  A doula, aside from your partner, is the one person who you can count on to be there for you and your partner through your whole labour.  You can rest easy knowing she is very familiar with your birth plan and is working only for you!